Dr. Anne Weissbach 

Winner David Marsden Award 2019

David Marsden Award 2019

The David Marsden Award 2019 was awarded to Dr. Anne Weissbach for her paper: “Alcohol improves cerebellar-learning deficit in myoclonus-dystonia - a clinical and electrophysiological investigation”. The research was performed at the University of Lübeck, Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism in Lübeck. Dr. Weissbach is a neurologist and a clinician-scientist at the Institute of Neurogenetics in Lübeck, Germany.

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about the david marsden award

Dystonia Europe established the David Marsden Award in 2003, to acknowledge Prof Marsden’s work on the dystonias, and to honour the immense part he played in improving the lives of so many people who live with the condition.

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